Excellent dental care in a friendly environment. Our services include General / Cosmetic Dentistry, Invisalign and Sheer White Teeth Whitening
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Our Procedures

High quality oral hygiene and regular dental care prevents tooth decay and leads to a healthier life. We also offer Cosmetic, Invisalign and Sheer Whitening to help you obtain a beautiful smile.   

We offer a full range of dental services such as teeth cleaning, crowns, fillings, implants, impacted wisdom teeth, bridges, Sheer Whitening for brighter teeth, periodontal care, Invisalign and dentures.

Diagnostic Procedures - To evaluate your present dental health, our procedure includes comprehensive dental exams, digital radiography, digital imaging using intra-oral camera, diagnostic models of teeth

Preventive Procedures - Optimal oral health begins with proper care for your gums and bones. Includes teeth cleanings, home care instruction and counseling, nutrition counseling, topical application of dental therapeutic products, night guards of varying types

Periodontal Procedures - Root debridement therapy (deep cleaning), Local antibiotic delivery, Supportive maintenance therapy

Oral Surgical Procedures - Dental implant placements, removing wisdom teeth, preparing the moutfor dentures.

Cosmetic and Restorative Procedures - We can help you obtain a beautiful smile. We utilize Porcelain veneers, Porcelain crowns and bridges, Porcelain inlays and onlays, composite fillings (tooth colored fillings), implant supported crowns and bridges, implant supported dentures and conventional dentures. If you have an old filling and want to replace it with one that matches your tooth color, contact us today.


Invisalign Teeth Straightening - Consider Invisalign as an alternative to traditional braces for beautiful straight teeth. They are virtually invisible, removable for easy cleaning and you can eat whatever you want. Our office is a certified provider and we will be glad to provide consultation to determine if this treatment is right for you.

Sheer White Teeth Whitener - This is the most significant advancement in teeth whitening in nearly a decade! Thin, moldable films completely contour to teeth and arch, tightly adapting to each user’s anatomy. So comfortable to wear for an hour or even overnight. Finally, a whitening gel that stays where it belongs, against the tooth surface. Sheer White! A whitening system that delivers dentist office professional whitening results in the comfort of your home. Affordable. Easier. Faster. Better. Contact us for more information.

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