Hilda Kanon D.D.S.
Campbell Dentist, Campbell Oral Surgeon, Invisalign Certified Los Gatos Dentist, Saratoga Dentist, San Jose and the entire South Bay Area
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Hilda Kanon D.D.S., Campbell Dentist, Campbell Oral Surgeon, Invisalign Certified serving Los Gatos, Saratoga, San Jose and the entire South Bay Area

At Hilda Kanon D.D.S., we take great pride in providing comprehensive dental care to our patients so they have wonderful smiles and good oral health.


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ur patient oriented services include Diagnostic, Preventive, Periodontal,

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ative and Cosmetic procedures. We also offer Oral and Maxillofa

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ovider. We hope this brief tour
will assist you in learning about our practice and look forward to meeting you and providing you

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Our goal is
to provide our patients with excellent dental care. We believe that educating our patients help them make informed decisions about their oral health. Whether it's a filling, an implant, teeth whitening, or just daily flossing, we take the time to provide you with information that will help you understand our procedure. We provide a preventive and conservative treatment to our patients' dental needs and explain each procedure. Our patients often complement us as we explain the nature of their problem, the treatment options and proposed plans for prevention. A treatment estimate is provided to the best of our abilities before we begin. Being proactive in preventive procedures helps our patients lead healthier lives. Be Proactive - Be Healthy!

Our 6th Anniversary was November 2011! Thank You to all of our patients, partners and those in the dental community who have helped us achieve this milestone. We appreciate your support - in addition, new patients are always welcome. Please call 408-370-1185 and make an appointment today.

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Dr. Sami Khayat is our Oral Surgeon | View "Our Staff" page for his credentials and background.

We have discounts on whitening your teeth!
Please view Our Procedures page for savings on brightening your teeth.

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